actor: Ken Davitian

The Samuel Project

September 28, 2018
Eli Bergman is tasked with creating an original project for his high school animation class. If his project is selected, he is guaranteed a local competition slot and the chance for an internship, or even a scholarship, to pursue his dream of making art. For a talented guy like Eli, this sounds [...]

Big Baby

November 24, 2015

Dove Approved for All Ages

Big Baby features Grandpa Simon (Kip Gilman), a science whiz who has invented a multimillion-dollar molecular enhancement machine that can turn a seed into a full-grown flower in the matter of seconds. When his grandson, Bobby (Matthew Muelot), accidentally fiddles with the machine and turns [...]

Meet the Spartans

Parody movies are supposed to be funny because they exaggerate the outrageous things that society finds interesting, topical or just repulsive - I get that. Unfortunately, "Meet the Spartans" chooses to just make fun of the events and situations that the common person found sleazy in 2007. I was [...]


The character of Borat shows just how irreverent Sacha Baron Cohen can be. This film was so disgusting that it even offended many in the audience that I'm sure would normally like such trash. With scenes like the "running of the Jew" and two incidents of on-camera masturbation, I thought I was [...]