actor: Keri Russell

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

July 11, 2014
"Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" is a well made movie. It features spectacular special effects with the apes literally coming to life and interacting with one another as well as humans. It features the birth of a young chimpanzee that, despite the CGI, is very well done. The apes also ride horses [...]

Dark Skies

February 22, 2013
This is a creepy movie, creepy and a bit spooky. In one scene Lacey Barrett (Keri Russell) goes into her son's room to check on him at night and a tall, frightening figure of a shadow that resembles Nosferatu is seen lurking by the bed. The effect is, well, effective. She and her husband Daniel [...]

Extraordinary Measures

January 22, 2010
"Extraordinary Measures" is one of those rare films that has a heart. As we follow the struggles of a family with two children who likely won't make it to their 9th birthdays, we experience the anger and frustration as they have to deal with lots of red tape in their efforts to gain the use of a [...]

Bedtime Stories

December 25, 2008

Dove Approved for All Ages

This is an imaginative movie, one the kids will love. The parents will find themselves grinning and laughing too. Adam Sandler, in quite a departure, becomes a nurturing uncle to his niece and nephew when their mother loses her job and travels to another state to attempt to secure employment. Not [...]

August Rush

November 21, 2007
This story left just about everyone who screened it with a lump in our throats. It is an emotional ride which leads to a fantastic conclusion. If the viewer followed the journey from beginning to end, he/she wouldn't be disappointed with how it is wrapped up. The premise of the story is the birth [...]


May 2, 2007
"Waitress" is funny in spots. An example of this is when Jenna's (Keri Russell) doctor instructs her to abstain from certain foods and drinks during her pregnancy, including coffee. Later on he asks her to go out for some coffee, and she raises her voice and says, "You told me not to have any [...]

Mission Impossible lll

May 5, 2006
Director JJ Abrams keeps his audience on the edge of their seats in this latest episode involving the IMF team. The action is non stop even if the suspense is a little lacking. I was impressed with the emotional qualities of the film and how the action played off of the relationships. While very [...]

The Magic of Ordinary Days

Dove Approved for All Ages

My sister and I have always enjoyed Hallmark movies. The stories are some that we can relate to. Some are stories from the past. "The Magic of Ordinary Days" is a love story that you hope will end the way you want it to as you watch Livy and Ray. I can't imagine meeting my husband for the first [...]