actor: Kevin Costner

The Guardian

This was an interesting story to watch, with Costner playing the "old lion" and Kutcher playing the "young lion." Costner plays Ben Randall, a character who sees a lot of talent in Jake Fischer (Kutcher), but wonders whether he really joins the Coast Guard to save people or to show off his [...]

Rumor Has It

"Rumor Has It" is a cute flick. It sure didn’t have an incredible amount of substance but the cameos by such film favorites as Kathy Bates in this extension of the classic film "The Graduate" made enduring some of the more predictable circumstances worthwhile. I would have to agree with the [...]

The Upside of Anger – Filtered

July 26, 2005
Terry Wolfmeyer turns to alcohol when her husband leaves her and their four daughters. As she processes what has happened, the anger inside her continually builds and she ends up, little by little, pushing her daughters away. Enter Denny Davies, an ex-pro baseball player and neighbor. He starts out [...]

The Upside of Anger

I was completely shocked when I saw this movie. Is that really Kevin Costner playing an ex-baseball player? I think Mr. Costner needs to get this baseball thing out of his system. Perhaps he should buy a PS2 with a baseball game and just play it until he gets sick of it. Anyway, from the previews [...]

Open Range – Edited

March 10, 2004

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

This is a well made western, with a wonderful story line that depicts the age-old battle between good and evil. Costner and Duvall flow extremely well in their respective roles: Duvall's the boss, and that's also his screen name-"Boss", while Costner is the counterpoint in their characterizations [...]

Perfect World, A – Filtered

October 1, 2002
Even with the ClearPlay player, this film, which is about what causes people to become violent law-breakers, cannot be approved by Dove. When two criminals break out of prison, they end up kidnapping a young boy, and an odd sort of father-son relationship forms between the boy and one of the [...]

The War – Filtered

May 3, 2001
This sad and depressing movie stars Kevin Costner as Stephen Simmons, a down and out Vietnam war era veteran. He returns from the war wracked with nightmares of how he could have saved the life of his best friend if he had been more courageous. He has no money, so his family lives a dirt-poor life [...]

13 Days

A real nail biter! These true events come candidly and frighteningly to life with David Self’s enthralling script and the perceptive performances of the film’s splendid cast. Unfortunately, each character profanes God’s name. Although men under pressure are bound to utter words they normally [...]