actor: Kip Pardue

Princess: A Modern Fairytale

February 3, 2009
Fairy tales are fantasy stories about castles, princes and princesses, and mythical creatures like unicorns, pixies, or fairies. And we must not forget to include a monster such as a dragon, three-headed beast or ogre. These are things that come to life in a world of imagination. But in this [...]

Undiscovered – Filtered

December 26, 2005
Woah! This hour and a half movie seemed to go on and on and on and was all around shallow. The setting was Los Angeles where a group of struggling musicians live and mingle. One of the biggest decisions to be made in the movie was whether to date another musician or not- oh the dilemma! Many of the [...]


Undiscovered is a better-than-average tale of love found, love lost, love found again. There are several clever twists in this story of a successful model who tries to help boost the career of an undiscovered, but talented musician. For all its earmarks as a typical romantic comedy, Undiscovered [...]

The Rules of Attraction

February 18, 2003
Although billed as a satire, this film is anything but funny. The presentation is filled with obscene and sexually crude dialogue, drug use, sexual images and nudity, and other degenerate behavior. Men kiss on screen, although one character is said to be bi-sexual. A suicide is graphically [...]


THE GOOD:…. If you want a fast-paced, adrenaline rush, with a loud, music-driven story that puts the audience in the driver’s seat to experience the exhilarating, realistic world of CART racing with action packed thrills from the opening scene to the last, go see this movie! Renny Harlin’s [...]