actor: Laurence Fishburne

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

March 25, 2016
"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" is a dark superhero-comic book movie, whatever you would choose to call it. Batman (Ben Affleck) is a dark, brooding, masked vigilante in this picture. Many fans expressed a lot of anger when Ben Affleck was cast in this role but, to his credit, he does a good [...]


January 14, 2014

Dove Approved for All Ages

When you are a zebra but you only have half of your stripes, life is difficult and so is fitting in. Khumba does not understand why he was born different and just wants to be like all the others in his herd. But when he learns of the magic watering hole that gave all the zebras their stripes, he [...]


July 9, 2010
A group of soldiers find themselves placed on another planet and they must deal with being prey for predator hunters who are advanced in their hunting methods, and who have a technology beyond that of the soldiers. Describing the predators as beasts is very accurate. The soldiers must learn to [...]


December 4, 2009
This is an escapism film and the pace is fast and furious at times. Not long into the movie, the heist is pulled off seemingly without a hitch. However, an unexpected witness throws a wrench into the plan. The acting is convincing with Columbus Short playing Ty Hackett, an Iraq War veteran who [...]


November 24, 2006
According to the plotline published by the studio, "Bobby" is "The story of the assassination of U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy, on June 6th, 1968, which centers around 22 people who were at the Ambassador Hotel where he was killed." The 22 characters chosen by writer, director, Estevez were [...]

Akeelah and the Bee

April 28, 2006

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

Akeelah is a typical middle school girl growing up in an underprivileged neighborhood. The principal of her school notices her affinity for spelling and encourages her to enter the school spelling bee. Although worried that the kids will think she's a "freak or brainiac," Akeelah goes on to win and [...]

Assault on Precinct 13

January 21, 2005
This action-packed remake has been updated for modern times. Featuring drug dealers, a police Sergeant who uses uppers and downers to cope with his fear, and modernized weapons, this shoot-em-up movie has more language than I have ever heard in a film of its caliber. The characters are rather [...]

Mystic River

October 17, 2003
The theme of child molestation is disturbing, but it is an unfortunate reality that many children secretly live with today. The time spent on this issue is relatively brief, but there is one momentary scene where a boy has his face in a man’s lap while sitting in a car. The film suggests that [...]

The Matrix: Revolutions

November 5, 2003
This movie asks a great question that many go through life failing to answer — “Why do we exist?” The most damaging theme in the movie is the idea that humans exist because they choose to exist, a claim that humans are their own gods. While this movie will probably be seen by many people, you [...]

Biker Boyz

January 31, 2003
The unfortunate reality of "Biker Boyz" is poor acting, thin characters and a yawn-worthy plot. The film includes rough language and presents a neutral attitude toward promiscuous and premarital sex. "Biker Boyz" strikes out in both entertainment value and [...]