actor: Lili Taylor

The Conjuring

One thing I will say about this movie. It has the power to frighten the viewer by making use of several jump scenes. It was nice too to see the Trinity mentioned (a spirit knocks three times at night to disturb a family in mockery of the Trinity), baptism, and the name of Christ is invoked at an [...]


The definition of "Factotum" is roughly "a man who does many jobs," and that is precisely what this film is about. Based on an autobiographical novel by Charles Bukowski, "Factotum" chronicles the daily life of an aspiring writer, Henry Chinaski, whose alcoholism prevents him from holding down a [...]

A Slipping-Down Life

After being made in 1999, A Slipping-Down Life is only now being distributed to theaters, a clue that movie executives aren’t expecting much from this one. Evie and Drumstrings stay together in their relationship in the midst of difficult circumstances and their extremely different [...]

High Fidelity

Bitter, sarcastic, profane; those are the qualities of the lead. But then, they are also the makeup of most of the other characters. Cusack’s Rob Gordon is trying to figure out why he can’t have a lasting relationship. This is a great idea for a story, but so much of the content is either [...]