actor: Liv Tyler

The Incredible Hulk

June 13, 2008
This is a high energy and action-packed movie. You do get to catch your breath occasionally but not for long. There is a lot of fighting and explosions and a little blood in spots, but the film is so steeped in the Marvel comic-book feel that, although it is pretty well done, it can't be put on the [...]

The Strangers

May 30, 2008
This film starts off as a bit of a dozer but once it kicks into gear the mystery of who the masked prowlers are, and Liv Tyler's effective acting, makes for a fairly good mystery. Tyler is quite good as young Kristen McKay, and she acts out cold, naked fear quite convincingly, with true-to-life [...]

Reign Over Me

March 23, 2007
When one thinks of Adam Sandler, a serious drama does not come to mind. In this movie Adam plays a very intense role and he does an excellent job in his portrayal as does Don Cheadle in his part. The story takes an in-depth look at one man's denial of reality after he loses his family on 9-11 [...]

Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King

December 17, 2003
This third and final film of "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy caps off the series with the best film of the three, and incidentally it went on to win eleven Academy awards. The acting is superb and the actors won a SAG Award for the best ensemble cast for a film in 2003. The direction is top notch, [...]

Jersey Girl

March 26, 2004
It’s rated PG-13, but this film was challenged to change to an R rating. The themes of commitment, family values and letting go of the past will appeal to mostly conservative audiences. However, the coarse language and sexual frankness will offend that same group. When Ollie and Maya meet, she [...]

Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers

December 18, 2002
This film is well crafted and is an excellent follow-up to "The Fellowship of the Ring." In this one, Frodo and Sam continue their journey to Mordor to destroy the evil ring in the fires of Mt. Doom. They encounter the creature Gollum, whose life was basically destroyed by the ring. He agrees to [...]

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

December 19, 2001
"The Fellowship of the Ring" is an engaging and excellently-directed film by Peter Jackson. He brings the spirit of Tolkien's book to life. This film and in fact the entire trilogy is a triumphant concoction of excellent direction, writing, acting, and music. The sets and locations are fantastic [...]

One Night at McCools

April 27, 2001
This heavy-handed sex farce is filled with dopey, unlikable characters, and not much else. Most of the humor rests on crude, and sometimes deviant sexual activity, while the rest of the humor is drained out of a poor soul whose life is destroyed by a psychopath with one aim - owning a home, [...]


Moody and purposely slow paced, this incisive character study is well acted and engrossing. Rather than focusing on romantic implications, the script examines the foolishness of caste systems. Although it contains a couple of mildly objectionable scenes, including a brief licentious conversation [...]