actor: Marisa Tomei

Happy Accidents – Edited

December 17, 2002
This is a quirky film and I love Marisa Tomei. She is so great as a hopeless romantic and has some good on-screen chemistry with Vincent D'Onofrio. This is a good romantic comedy, but the pre-marital sex that is "taken for granted" for couples dating now a days is the let down for me in this film. [...]

Someone Like You

March 30, 2001
THE GOOD:...I enjoy watching Ashley Judd in anything’s she does because she’s that good. She’s everyone’s girlfriend and I root for her in every role, no matter what part she plays. I likewise enjoy Kinnear because he can play “jerk” like no other actor can, Tomei is always hilarious [...]

What Women Want

Mel Gibson demonstrates a flair for comedy in this new Paramount release. It is a nice romantic film, diminished only by two irreverent uses of Christ’s name and a few minor obscenities evidently placed in the script to avoid the dreaded G-rating. Although it does contain a few crude [...]


An effective cat and mouse thriller that fascinates the viewer, but the sadistic pleasure the madman gets out of tormenting the law and his victims becomes unnerving. Also troubling, is the impish characterization Reeves gives his nutcase. He’s witty, buffed and skilled. He’s more steamy [...]

Only You – Filtered

February 1, 2000
“Only you” is a romantic film starring Marisa Tomei as Faith, Bonnie Hunt as Kate, and Robert Downey Jr. as Walter. While teenagers, these three young people experiment with a Ouija board. As a consequence of their experience with the spirit influencing the board, Faith, in her adult life, sets [...]

Erich Segals Only Love

This film is a love story for all time. Matthew is a handsome doctor who has traveled the world. He met his first love on the way to Africa and there asked Silvia to marry him. But when an accident in the war-torn country happens, she makes a deal with her influential father for help. Because of [...]