actor: Mark Consuelos

For the Love of Grace

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

We all know that fire fighters are special, but do we ever think of the things that may be hard for them? This is a story about two people from different ways of life that are brought together by a fire. Steve and Grace both go through some changes after the fire that alters both their lives. [...]

The Great Raid

December 20, 2005
This film was very well done. The story was well written, acting was superb, and the fight scenes very realistic and not exaggerated. Although a comparison probably isn't fair, but the movie had a similar feel to "Saving Private Ryan", although this film was based on actual events. Not only was [...]

The Great Raid – Filtered

December 20, 2005
"The Great Raid" was fantastic! The movie is based on a true event and is extremely accurate when compared to the biography/autobiography "Ghost Soldiers." Because it is a war movie, there is some violence such as shooting, bombing, and execution along with actual footage of dead POW’s, but there [...]