actor: Martin Henderson

Miracles from Heaven

March 17, 2016

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

"Miracles from Heaven" will make you laugh and cry. It's based on the book "Three Miracles From Heaven" by Christy Beam, played by Jennifer Garner. Garner captures the tension and stress of being the parent of a very sick little girl. A young doctor is ready to wave her away with his hand when she [...]

Bride and Prejudice

March 11, 2005
This movie follows Hollywood’s typical love story pattern which makes it very predictable. That, combined with songs which seem to be written by amateurs, is why my viewing in the theater will be the last for this film. It isn’t completely absent of entertainment, though, as it jumps on the [...]


January 16, 2004
You can park your brain at the door for this one, which starts with a chase scene, ends with a chase scene and in the middle — you guessed it — more chase scenes with tough-looking guys growling and snarling at each other.Even the quality of the special effects is poor with several action [...]