actor: Matthew Davis

Island of Grace

August 25, 2009

Dove Approved for All Ages

Sometimes we can't see what people are really like or make fun of those who are different. We make changes to our lives so we can fit in. Megan is one of those people, ignoring the faith and beliefs she once practiced and now she is one of the club-hopping office girls, too busy for church or even [...]

Blue Crush

August 16, 2002
Although scenes show surfing enthusiasts of all ages, including some canine surfers, the film also emphasizes the danger of the sport. Skimpy bikinis and low-cut party dresses will no doubt add to young male interest. One scene features lengthy exposure of a used condom. Matt and Anne Marie quickly [...]


October 6, 2000
The movie does well in making you feel for our soldiers and what they went through, and this was all before they even went to the actual war. As a military consultant, the filmmakers used Capt.Dale Dye, well known for giving a realistic war portrayal to many films, including “Saving Private [...]

Urban Legends: Final Cut

September 22, 2000
I’m reminded of the “Saturday Night Live” sketch years ago that featured Tony Perkins from “Psycho” giving instructions on hotel management: “When a woman loses her key, do you (A) Give her a new key. (B) Open her door with your master key. (C) Hack her to death with a kitchen [...]