actor: Max Minghella

The Darkest Hour

December 25, 2011
This movie builds suspense as aliens visit earth and a group of characters take them on but begin to be killed, one by one. Ben (Max Minghella) and Sean (Emile Hirsch) are longtime friends who travel to Russia on a business proposal, only to learn the man they had an agreement with has stolen [...]

Art School Confidential

May 12, 2006
This smale-scale film shows what happens in many art schools, including the student who tries to please the teacher, the student who keeps flunking out, the rebel, and the sincere student - in this case a character named Jerome (Max Minghella). Jerome descends down a path in which he goes from [...]

Bee Season

November 11, 2005
It's unfortunate that "Bee Season" cannot be approved due to language because the overarching theme of the movie is one worthy of discussion. It's a deeply moving story about a Jewish family and their individual pursuits of a one-on-one relationship with God. Be prepared! This is by no means a [...]