actor: Melissa George

30 Days of Night

October 19, 2007
Most so-called “scary movies” forgo suspense in favor of blood and gore. Initially, “30 Days of Night” seemed different. The first ten minutes of the film very effectively built up a sense of dread, that something terrifying is coming to prey on the residents of Barrow, Alaska. [...]


December 1, 2006
If you think you can enjoy a nice vacation with your friends, your worldview is too optimistic. At least that’s what a group of young, beautiful people in “Turistas” discovers while trying to have a good time in Brazil. I must say that this film was a lot more original than some of the [...]


November 11, 2005
Just as the film Fatal Attraction scared men everywhere into fidelity in the 90's, Derailed just might make you think twice before cheating on your spouse. Through a twist of fate, Charles meets a beautiful and intriguing woman, Lucinda, on the train. Both are professionals traveling to the city. [...]

The Amityville Horror (2005)

April 15, 2005
I have never seen the original version of this movie so I cannot offer any comparisons between the two. My only prior knowledge of this film was the preview I saw in the theater and on television, so I offer my untainted opinion. I didn’t find it scary, but rather freakishly disturbing. There [...]

Sugar and Spice

January 26, 2001
“Sugar and Spice” takes “girl power” to new extremes. It’s a comedy. It’s satire. It’s not to be taken seriously. I know all that. But, it still contains crudity, profanity, sexuality and some belittlement toward people of faith. And all that coming from high schoolers who find [...]