actor: Mena Suvari

Beauty Shop

March 15, 2005
There is a strong positive message in "Beauty Shop." Gina Norris makes her daughter's upbringing and education a top priority so that Vanessa will be raised to be confident and successful. Gina invests tremendous effort, not only in building her business, but also in developing her workers [...]

The Musketeer

September 7, 2001
The good: This is a great popcorn movie that older kids to teens can enjoy along with adults. Even though the Musketeers has been done before, this one adds a unique touch by adding the incredible choreographed fight scenes from Xin Xin Xiong. This is an interesting tribute in that it combines the [...]

Sugar and Spice

January 26, 2001
“Sugar and Spice” takes “girl power” to new extremes. It’s a comedy. It’s satire. It’s not to be taken seriously. I know all that. But, it still contains crudity, profanity, sexuality and some belittlement toward people of faith. And all that coming from high schoolers who find [...]


July 21, 2000
The story between these two is pretty cute as you root for them to end up together. On the way, though, we are witnesses to the illegal teacher-student affair involving one of our main characters. Fornication is implied between these two, as well as between the same teacher and another student. [...]