actor: Minnie Driver

Beyond the Lights

Gugu Mbatha-Raw does a terrific job in playing the talented Noni, a singing sensation that happens to have a mother named Macy (Minnie Driver) that is the driving force for Noni to become successful. However, sexually suggestive dancing, skimpy clothing, and singing doesn't bring Noni fulfillment [...]

The Phantom of the Opera

May 3, 2005
This film is based on the wildly popular "Phantom of the Opera" play produced by Andrew Lloyd Webber in the mid 1980's. The leads in this film are Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum, who replace the stage duo of Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman. Both Butler and Rossum do a fantastic job. Singing [...]


Cattiness, self-absorption, bad family relations and sexual suggestiveness are the breeding grounds for humor and pathos in this wise but often gloomy film sharply directed by actress Sally Field. While it does not mock beauty contests, it does poke fun at those so absorbed in their life’s dreams [...]

Return To Me

The producers and the studio set out to make a gentle, romantic comedy. So why is there so much objectionable language in a PG film? A few years ago, a film with seven profanities and twelve obscenities – some from a toddler who repeats them after hearing his father say them, would have [...]