actor: Miranda Otto.

I, Frankenstein

January 24, 2014
This story is intelligently written and features a belief in God, angels, archangels, and demons. Aaron Eckhart plays an interesting Frankenstein or, as Queen Leonore (Miranda Otto), High Queen of the Gargoyle order, calls him, "Adam." Eckhart's creature is both sympathetic and powerfully violent [...]

Flight of the Phoenix

December 17, 2004
I wasn’t sure what to expect from this film before I viewed it. The idea was very interesting, but I didn’t know how realistic building another plane would be. I am glad that my doubts were proved wrong. Flight of the Phoenix serves as a solid action movie. The movie accurately depicts how [...]

What Lies Beneath

July 21, 2000
This intense, often nerve-racking ghost story freely borrows from many other films, including “Rear Window,” “The Sixth Sense,” and “Dial M for Murder.” It also jolts with far too many red herrings – you know, where the cat jumps out at the protagonist or the friend, rather than the [...]