actor: Molly Parker

Petes Christmas

November 12, 2013

Dove Approved for All Ages

Have you ever had a day when you wish you could do it over again? Well in this charming Christmas movie that is what happens to Pete. His Christmas day is repeated over and over again until he can figure out the perfect Christmas. It is not easy being the middle child and things are not going [...]

Miracle at Christmas: Ebbies Story

September 25, 2012

Dove Approved for All Ages

Over the years there have been many remakes of the classic, "A Christmas Carol" and this DVD fits in that category. This is a modern-day version in which Susan Lucci does a wonderful job as the Scrooge in this movie. As with all the others there are the visits to Christmas past, present and future [...]


July 28, 2000
While the story deals with universal concerns - love, loss, mortality, parenting, and a yearning for contentment – it does so in a depressing and nonspiritual manner. These irreverent characters don’t appear to be a family that owns a Bible, let alone reads one. Filmed with harsh, natural [...]

Waking The Dead

March 24, 2000
The film opens with Fielding sobbing as he discovers a girl was killed in Chile. We soon discover that this was Sarah, the love of his life. The morose film then proceeds to bounce between flashbacks of the ‘70s where he met Sarah, and the ‘80s where he keeps seeing her in crowds. Perhaps if [...]