actor: Monica Bellucci


November 6, 2015
"Spectre" is a fast-paced ride for much of the movie. You want action? Granted! You have action. The problem is that several scenes are contrived. They seem to be placed in the film not because they add to the story, but because they are fun to watch. There are some exceptions to the rule. A [...]

Shoot ‘Em Up

September 7, 2007
“Shoot ‘Em Up” is a film that delivers exactly what the title promises. The film exhibits lots of guns, lots of blood, lots of language, and some sex. Clive Owen strikes a great balance as the good guy dealing with a bad past and Paul Giamatti is delicious as the villain. When a newborn’s [...]

The Big Question

April 4, 2006

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

This documentary deals with the existence of God. Questions are asked such as, "Who is God for me?" "Is God male?" "How do you pray?" "Are there miracles today?" A variety of answers are given by actors, rabbis, ministers, Christians, Jews, Muslims and non-believers. This can be a faith-builder as [...]

The Brothers Grimm

August 26, 2005
The Brothers Grimm wrote down many Germanic folktales that have since become stories read in over 160 languages around the world. Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were born in the mid 1700s and collected and wrote stories their entire lives, stories that most of us are familiar with, like "Cinderella," "The [...]

The Passion of The Christ

February 25, 2004

Dove Approved for 18+

I was struck by the color pallets and moods created by the seamless collaboration of production designer Francesco Frigeri, set decorator Carlo Gervasi, and cinematographer Caleb Deschanel. The authentic handcrafted costumes are designed by award-winning Maurizio Millenotti. The cast is made up [...]

Tears Of The Sun

March 7, 2003
This picture, while not based on actual events, provides insight into the horrors of ethnic cleansing and religious persecution throughout many parts of the world. It contains graphic brutality. The American soldiers show compassion as they encounter gross injustices, risking their lives to save [...]