actor: Monica Potter


I just saw "Saw". If you would see what I just saw, you would see insight into the writer's (James Wan and Leigh Whannel) insane perverted brilliance. I can't see how these guys come up with the most outrageous, gory, and sick scripts. Why it isn't family friendly: There is almost too much to [...]

Along Came a Spider

Whatever a film’s weaknesses, it always has a redeeming value if Morgan Freeman is in the cast. Truly an exceptional actor, Freeman doesn’t need verbose dialogue or scene-chewing antics to keep us glued to the screen. He has a mystic presence. Real, yet charismatic, he’s intense and always [...]

Head Over Heels

The makers of “Head Over Heels” attempt to revive screwball and slapstick comedy, failing to understand that you need actors gifted with a sense of comic timing to bring those genres back to life. And you must have material that’s not tired, coarse or cheap. The film has two plots, one about [...]