actor: Mos Def

Be Kind Rewind

February 22, 2008
If possible, the viewer of this film would be better off if he/she could rewind this movie to the beginning and start over by making another film. Apart from the content issues in this film, which includes some strong language and sexual comments, the movie's jokes fall flat several times. The [...]

16 Blocks

March 3, 2006
Bruce Willis does a good job portraying detective Jack Mosley as an alcohol drinking, inept over-the-hill cop who for some reason doesn't care about himself or anyone else. Mosley is in for a life changing experience when he is singled out to transport a prisoner 16 blocks to the courthouse to [...]

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

April 29, 2005
I'm not even sure I can review this film because it was totally scattered, mixed up, zany, and schizophrenic. I don’t know if I am just too old to catch the humor in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, or if everyone involved in making the film was on some bad drugs, but it just missed the mark. [...]