actor: Nicolas Cage


April 27, 2007
This film was entertaining and quite exciting, offering a new twist on the basic time-travel storyline. The plot was a little complicated, but the filmmaker did a pretty good job keeping viewers up-to-speed. I was only left with a couple questions as the credits rolled (backward, I might add). [...]

Ghost Rider

February 16, 2007
This film is very visual. The images of the blazing skull head on top of Johnny Blaze's body as he travels by motorcycle in his role as "the devil's bounty hunter," are stunning. There are some good performances in the film, including Peter Fonda as a cunning devil, Nicholas Cage as Johnny Blaze, [...]

The Wicker Man

September 1, 2006
The plot of "The Wicker Man" is so laughably absurd that one gets the feeling even the actors can't believe they are actually making the movie. At least, that's the only thing that seems to account for the terrible acting, especially by leading man Nicolas Cage. Cage does a lot of screaming and [...]

World Trade Center

August 9, 2006
This is a powerful film. I was moved by it. 9-11 is not that far in our distant past. The story of two men, Jimeno and Mcloughlin, police officers who are trapped in the rubble of the World Trade Center, is told in a compelling way as they talk to each other to keep each other awake so as to not [...]

The Weather Man

October 28, 2005
The synopsis above is only partly correct...this entire movie is a tragedy. I can think of better ways to spend one's time and money than to plunk down 8 hard earned dollars in order to be subjected to 102 of the most depressing minutes you can imagine. This movie reminds me of a quote from C.S. [...]

Lord of War

September 16, 2005
Lord of War is an action packed movie showing the horrors of wars and the lives of those who support or supply them. Told in the form of a Docu-drama, this film is a semi-realistic tale of a man who reaches the top of his game as a gun runner. According to the film, these events were based on [...]

National Treasure

November 19, 2004

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

I really hope this film does well at the box office because it is the type of film that Dove has been encouraging Hollywood to make. It has all of the positive elements that make for good entertainment but contains little of the objectionable content that keep family audiences away from many films. [...]

Captain Corellis Mandolin

August 17, 2001
It's 1940 and local physician Dr. Iannis (John Hurt) and his young adult daughter, Pelagia (Penelope Cruz) enjoy a simple life on the Greek isle of Cephallonia, a place that's been familiar with various forms of tragedies throughout time. On the eve of war WW II Pelagia becomes engaged to Mandras [...]

Family Man

December 25, 2000
Picture George Bailey in ‘The Twilight Zone!’” That had to be the pitch line at the story conference when this film first sprang to life. There is a difference, however. While the protagonist from “It’s A Wonderful Life” is shown the merit of his present life, Cage’s Jack Campbell [...]

Gone in 60 Seconds

June 9, 2000
Let me get this straight. They’ve made a motion picture that shows the audience how to steal any car, no matter the protective devices, and in just seconds. In the words of “Saturday Night Live’s” Church Chat Lady, “Well, isn’t that special.” Now, just remember, all of you [...]