actor: Nicole Kidman


June 24, 2005
Will Ferrell and Nicole Kidman do an excellent job in their roles. Ferrell portrays a very self centered actor, Jack Wyatt, whose primary thoughts and actions are about him. Kidman plays Isabel Bigelow, a witch who is trying to be "normal" by putting her supernatural abilities on hold. She wants a [...]

The Interpreter

April 22, 2005
I was really hoping that this film would be family-friendly because it was suspenseful, well written, and Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn gave wonderful performances. But near the beginning there is a strip club scene that shows topless women and then towards the end of the film there are three [...]


January 7, 2005
"Birth" is a movie that has no values or purpose. Anna is too easily deceived into believing that a young boy is her reincarnated husband based on sketchy answers to her questions. The nude sex scene has no other purpose other than nudity or salaciousness for its own sake. The plot is ill conceived [...]

The Stepford Wives (2004)

June 11, 2004
A relevant theme is delivered while providing some hysterical laughs in The Stepford Wives. Joanna and Walter face a troubled marriage as Walter desires perfection in his wife and doesn’t realize that he’s expecting the impossible. He has not learned to accept her, or anyone else for that [...]

Birthday Girl

February 1, 2002
John Buckingham (Ben Chaplin) leads a rather dull life after ten years as a bank clerk in a London suburb. Not having much luck meeting girls on his own, John turns to the Internet and shops the new millennium version of the ‘mail order’ bride from the ‘From Russia With Love’ website. But [...]

Moulin Rouge

June 1, 2001
THE GOOD:...This is a colorful, visually astounding production that could have been a very cool movie if it would have incorporated a script that allowed the characters to actually dialogue with each other. Usually I applaud efforts to bring musicals back to the big screen in a modern way because [...]