actor: Pam Grier

Ladies of the House

May 4, 2010

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

These "Ladies of the House" are on a mission that will change all of their lives forever. Each woman has a different type of life and relationship with her husband. So this project helps them overcome the challenges of refurbishing the house but also their personal lives. Together Birdie, Rose and [...]


Excessive foul language and gore are the main sticking points. The violent content stands out though, with more blood-and-guts scenes than the director seems to know what to do with. Unlucky victims are impaled, beheaded, mauled by a ravenous dog, and bludgeoned to death. That said, the gutter [...]

Ghosts Of Mars

The good: I don’t know why but I enjoy watching Ice Cube. I think it’s because he’s the perfect tough guy for “B” movies with his kick butt attitude and sarcastic rhetoric. The basic story premise and idea is a good one. Had it been done in a different way (intense and scary without being [...]

Snow Day

October 3, 2000

Dove Approved for All Ages

Imbecilic, childish, moronic – all expectable terms seasoned filmgoers could use to describe this film. But this film was not made for adults. Nor would older teens be much interested in it. A man sat in front of me at the screening with his three-year-old sitting on his lap. She was [...]