actor: Rob Brown

The Express

October 10, 2008
This could have been an inspirational story for families. In fact, I learned this film originally had a PG-13 rating but was changed to PG so I was hopeful it would go easy on the language so families could see it together. Unfortunately, that is exactly the area it crossed the line of [...]

Stop Loss

March 28, 2008
There have always been stories of how servicemen adapt or try to adapt in returning home after serving their country in war. Some seem to do well while others struggle to leave the war behind and get on with their lives. "Stop Loss" not only captures that aspect of America's servicemen, but the [...]

Take the Lead

April 7, 2006
"Take the Lead" works in showing changes and growth in the characters. These characters wouldn't have dreamed of entering a ballroom dancing competition when they first met dance instructor Pierre Dulaine (Antonio Banderas), but this is exactly what happens. Any film which includes a song by Nat [...]

Finding Forrester

December 25, 2000
Finding Forrester is in my opinion, Sean Connery’s best work on the silver screen, including his impressive run as the incomparable James Bond. Rob Brown, a newly discovered actor plays a totally convincing role as Jamal Warner, the intelligent, but poor urban teenager who, with Forrester’s [...]