actor: Robert Carlyle

28 Weeks Later

October 9, 2007
There is one positive thing I can say about "28 Weeks Later" and that is it was shown with digital projection which makes for an awesome picture. If you take "Night of the Living Dead" and multiply the violence and stupidity by 1000 times it might equal the violence and stupidity of "28 Weeks [...]

To End All Wars

June 15, 2004
This movie is based on actual events during World War 11 when 61,000 Allied POW's were forced to build the Thailand-Burma Railway. The way they are treated is horrendous in this film, as they are bullied, tortured, beaten, and underfed. One soldier is a loner, caring only for himself. Later, after [...]

The Beach

July 25, 2000
This dark, depressing hodgepodge has the lead mistakenly thinking he can find satisfaction by filling his own existence with new and untried experiences. He even drinks an animal’s blood! (There’s nothing like drinking the blood of a snake to show rebellion against the establishment.) The [...]