actor: Robert Patrick

Safe house

I actually winced a bit at one scene in this film, a scene in which a bullet crashes through both a windshield and a man's head and blood is sprayed up on the windshield. It is very realistic and very gross. And unfortunately there are too many of these kinds of scenes in this movie. It contains a [...]

The Marine

This film did keep my curiosity aroused about one thing--would John recover his wife safely from her kidnappers in the end? Although it would seem a given, he found himself facing some overwhelming odds. However, as the movie went on it became crystal clear that it was fantasy based and it left the [...]

Walk The Line

February 28, 2006
"Walk the Line" is another Bio-pic that is very well written and contains some mighty fine acting by Joaquin Phoenix (Johnny Cash) and Reese Witherspoon (June Carter). These two performers sing the songs themselves and the work they do in this film is some of their best. There is no doubt in my [...]

Walk The Line – Filtered

February 28, 2006
"Walk the Line," is a biography of Johnny Cash and how he goes through his life's ups and downs, losing his brother, using drugs, going through withdrawals and hurting his family emotionally and making it big with his singing career. Eventually things change for the better. He realizes what he is [...]

Fire in the Sky – Filtered

October 19, 2004

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

On their way back from working in the forest, a group of loggers see a mysterious light in the sky. When one of them gets out of the truck to investigate, he is zapped by a beam of light coming from a UFO. Terrified, his friends drive away, returning a short time later to find their friend has [...]

Eye See You – Edited

August 27, 2003
This is by far the worst Sylvester Stallone film I have seen. This film is very disjointed and sometimes hard to follow. This film was so violent. Even though it was edited, too much violence is still [...]

All the Pretty Horses

Man, this one makes “Romeo and Juliet” look like a Doris Day comedy. We’re talking depressing! Boy loses ranch, gets brutalized in a Mexican prison, stands by while a pal is executed, and leaves his true love out of respect for her family’s wishes. Yes, very depressing, and yet, there is so [...]