actor: Samantha Morton

The Libertine

March 10, 2006
This story is about John Wilmot and his life that was filled with sexual activity, with both men and women, which led to his death. In this film the viewer doesn't have to have an imagination because pretty much everything is shown, discussed and or implied. This film should have been rated NC-17. [...]

Code 46

August 20, 2004
This apparent low-budget sci-fi movie is devoid of a plot or any dialog of depth or significance. The first hour of the film is needed to learn the meanings of the made-up words. In this futuristic society, people must receive permission from the government before they can procreate. If their DNA [...]

Jesus Son

June 16, 2000
Narrating the film in a disarming tone of voice, the young man (Billy Crudup) presents his story; the ecstasy of first live, the agony of loss, the sadness of substance abuse and the starkness of sudden sobriety. The film puts us in the center of a grimy lost world of uneducated party people who [...]