actor: Scott Caan

Rock The Kasbah

October 23, 2015
Effective January 1st, 2009, The Dove Foundation Review Team has ceased reviewing all NC-17 rated movies and certain extraordinarily explicit R, PG-13 and PG-13 Horror rated films. This decision was reached due to the fact that Dove reviewers are parents or grandparents with conservative [...]

Into the Blue

September 30, 2005
Sunken treasure is going to be a theme this year. Unfortunately, this film's only purpose seems to be to show Jessica Alba in a tight bikini. With shootings, harpoonings and bloody shark attacks, there is way too much violence in this film for families to enjoy together Our recommendation is [...]

Ready To Rumble

April 7, 2000
With the whole movie-taking place around professional wrestling, there is much blood and violence. Also found in the world of wrestling are many scantily clad girls, of which there is no shortage here in this movie. The language gets a little harsh, with numerous expletives, "Jesus" being [...]

Black and White

April 5, 2000
After 150 uses of one particular swear word, I lost count. Indeed, I can’t remember a film that contained more obscene or crude language. Mix the filthy dialogue with lots of cynical, hostile attitudes from most of the characters, a rap score made up mostly of objectionable and disrespectful [...]