actor: Scott Speedman

The Strangers

This film starts off as a bit of a dozer but once it kicks into gear the mystery of who the masked prowlers are, and Liv Tyler's effective acting, makes for a fairly good mystery. Tyler is quite good as young Kristen McKay, and she acts out cold, naked fear quite convincingly, with true-to-life [...]

Underworld: Evolution

If you enjoy graphic, gratuitous violence, sex, group sex, nudity, occult themes and foul language then "Underworld Evolution" is the film for you. I found it disgusting on many levels and certainly would warn families to stay as far away from this flick as [...]

xXx: State of the Union

I was wondering how they came up with the name XXX. After viewing this sequel, I determined that it quite possibly stands for X-tra X-treme X-plosions. The last time I saw that much stuff blow up I was with my buddies on July 4th. This movie was a hundred minutes of explosions, gunfire, and [...]


Due to severe violence, objectionable language and demonic/occult references, Dove cannot award the Dove Family-Friendly Seal to [...]


There are some very funny moments and delightful performances as we travel with these unusual people who use karaoke to exercise their frustrations. But the film also consists of a murderous crime that one might say goes unpunished; several sexual situations and several objectionable words, [...]