actor: Shawn Wayans

Little Man

November 7, 2006
"Little Man" was funny in a couple of places and it was interesting how they made him look like a baby. His facial expressions were very colorful and added to the entertainment value of the film. There was one scene where Darryl and Vanessa put Calvin to bed and there is a mobile overhead that [...]

White Chicks

Marlon and Shawn Wayans have great chemistry as character and comedic actors, and they earn some worthy laughs in this film. Unfortunately, White Chicks resorts to crude bathroom and sexual humor to get most of its laughs. There is a flatulence attack in a woman’s restroom stall. Men and women [...]

Scary Movie 2

THE GOOD: ... There’s nothing good or funny about this movie. THE NOT-SO-GOOD: ... I enjoy a good spoof as much as the next person but this movie is full of offensive, raunchy material, it would take me the whole column to list it all. Let me simply say that this movie goes way beyond simply [...]