actor: Simon Baker

Once in a Blue Moon

November 1, 2007

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

Hold on to your helmets because “Once in a Blue Moon” will take you for a ride! The movie has an unusual and somewhat hectic feel to it as the story travels back and forth between reality and the imagination of the main character. Because of this, it seems a little hard to follow at times. But, [...]

Something New

February 3, 2006
This romantic comedy tackles the subject of interracial love and is genuinely funny. Kenya McQueen (Sanaa Lathan) is a senior banking manager and is all business-until she meets Brian (Simon Baker), a landscape gardener who not only livens up her backyard but her romantic life. He teaches her there [...]

Land of the Dead

June 24, 2005
I certainly hope that zombie movie production has struck a dead end. "Land of the Dead" was neither scary nor action-packed. A viewer can only get so much excitement out of watching zombie after zombie being killed—again. In fact, I spent more time laughing in this film than for some of the [...]

The Ring Two

March 18, 2005
I kept racking my brain trying to figure out the plot of Ring 2. I didn’t think there was any place for it to go. While there were some very freaky parts of Ring 2 it lacked the fear of the first. And as far as the plot goes, I think the writers stretched this film too far which showed in its [...]

Red Planet

November 10, 2000
Have you noticed that in several of his films, actor Val Kilmer looks like he’d rather be someplace else? He’s a good actor, but he often appears bored to death. And, in Red Planet, I can understand why. The script is not just routine, it’s downright dull. No lesson is learned. There’s [...]