actor: Simon Rex

Scary Movie 5

April 12, 2013
This is the kind of movie that, after viewing it, you feel as if you need to take a shower. It is really about as low as it gets in the sewer department, and I mean garbage and trash low. This is not even close to family fare and as I looked back at our reviews of the first four films in this [...]

Karate Dog

September 5, 2006

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

This is just an hilarious action-packed comedy about a talking dog who also knows karate. This film is wholesome, entertaining and enjoyable. It reminds me of some of the funny movies I watched when I was a kid. It is filled with action and adventure as the duo try to find the bad guys. There is [...]

Scary Movie 4

April 14, 2006
If you like immature, inane, absurd humor then "Scary Movie 4" is for you. Or, if you enjoyed Scary Movie 1,2, and/or 3, then you most likely will enjoy this 4th episode of toilet humor that pokes fun at many of the most recent "scary" films like "Saw", "Million Dollar Baby", "The Grudge", "War of [...]

Scary Movie 3

October 24, 2003
Scary Movie 3 is definitely on the lighter and funnier side of recent releases. While some parts are funny, some are inappropriate, especially for the targeted youth [...]