actor: Stephen Campbell Moore

Season of the Witch

January 7, 2011
This film is filled with action and is entertaining to watch but from a family point of view, it falls short. It is strong in the violence area, featuring a few scenes of witches being hanged and then dropped into the water to make sure they're dead, along with some bloody sword battles and [...]

The Bank Job

March 7, 2008
The interesting part about this crime thriller is that it is based on a true story where the robbers are never caught and get away with an estimated four million dollars. The real intrigue though surrounds several photographs of high ranking English officials caught in less than honorable [...]

The History Boys

December 22, 2006
While the English may be better educated, this journey through summer school for a group of Oxford and Cambridge hopefuls made me glad I was made in the USA. In this play gone movie, the boys explore homosexuality, bi-sexuality and pedophilia - not the sort of subjects you would expect to learn [...]