actor: Talia Shire


February 8, 2005
This film won the Academy Award for Best Picture for 1976. It has spawned four sequels and currently a sixth "Rocky" film is in production. This story is inspiring as Rocky, a club fighter, is given a chance to fight Apollo Creed for the heavyweight championship of the world. Rocky trains hard and [...]

Rocky lV

February 8, 2005
If not for one word, and an audibly faint profanity at that, "Rocky lV" would have been approved by Dove. However, The Dove Foundation does not approve films which use God's name in vain and there is one uttrerance of that in a Moscow scene in the film. It would not have been appropriate for young [...]

Rocky V

February 8, 2005
"Rocky lV" has one profanity which prevents it from being Dove approved, using God's name in vain. This one has two of the same word or it would have been otherwise approved. It is a shame that these inspiring films "almost" make the cut. But many other films in Hollywood fall just short as well. [...]

Rocky lll

December 14, 2004
Rocky has had ten title defenses and a newcomer, Clubber Lang, "a wrecking machine," according to Rocky's manager Mickey, wants to fight and dethrone Rocky. Mickey does not want Rocky to mix it up with Lang, believing Lang is too tough to defeat. Rocky suffers a personal loss as well as losing his [...]

Rocky – Edited

November 29, 2004

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

This intriguing classic 1976 movie has adventure, action, drama, humor and romance all wrapped into one. The language has been edited in this version. This movie has the viewer cheering for the underdog and the girl at the same time. This will always be a classic. It brought us a great story and [...]

The Godfather III – Filtered

October 9, 2001
This movie was three hours long but it actually didn't seem that long. The movie kept your interest. It had a good story line. The movie did have a lot of violence to it, and a lot of it wasn't kept clean. You could tell where they were saying bad language, but it was all edited [...]