actor: Tatiana Maslany


September 22, 2017
The essence of who Jeff Bauman is shines through Jake Gyllenhaal’s authentic and gritty portrayal of this feisty but soft-hearted Bostonian hero. Jeff, from the opening scene, is full of energy and spirited, willing to go out on a limb to win back Erin, the girl of his affections, played with [...]

Old Fashioned Thanksgiving, An

October 6, 2009

Dove Approved for All Ages

This is a story set in the 1800s about a difference between generations. A young girl's letter to a grandmother she has never met, brings the woman to see her daughter and her family after years of separation. It is a story of disagreement, forgiveness and discovery. This is an original movie from [...]

Eastern Promises

September 21, 2007
After screening this film, I heard a woman in the lobby say to someone standing next to her, "That was really violent." She was right. It was and is a very violent picture. The premise of the film is that a character named Anna (Naomi Watts) helps deliver a baby when the baby's mother comes to the [...]