actor: Taye Diggs

Baggage Claim

"Baggage Claim" is a light-hearted comedy about a woman who tries to find the right man and has thirty days before her younger sister gets married to do so. As she and her friends go back through her past hooking her up with prior men in her life, she realizes that the person she is looking for [...]

Cake – Filtered

February 14, 2006
"Cake" is far from a family friendly film. It is filled with elements such as drinking, smoking, implied sex, cleavage, and a pre-marital pregnancy. Marriage is portrayed as a foolish thing throughout the whole movie by the main character until she happens to fall in love at the end. This film [...]


"Basic" may find favor with young men, but its relentless rough language and profanity and its recurring violence make it unacceptable [...]

Brown Sugar

February 11, 2003
In the game of true love, friendship plays a major role; yet, in spite of Dre and Sidney’s mutual admiration, they keep looking elsewhere for love. Comments imply that Sidney and her boyfriend become sexually involved early in their relationship and one brief bedroom scene is shown. Dre and [...]

Way of the Gun

Picture a modern-day “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” (without the charm) with its end-of-the-line adventure, combined with the feverishness of “The Wild Bunch” (without the lyrical use of slow-motion photography) and you have this rather depressing action drama. There are some [...]