actor: Terry Crews

Deadpool 2

Cheekily based not a month after The Avengers: Infinity War, with all this about teamwork and combining forces with other superheroes of various backgrounds, Deadpool 2 drives a semi-truck through the sentiment, smearing blood and snarky/foul language across the board in crimson red brushstrokes. [...]

The Expendables 3

"The Expendables 3" is an action-packed film from beginning to the end and filled with many well-known actors. This reviewer has not seen the previous Expendables films so cannot compare, but this movie has something for everyone including drama, comedy, action, adventure and suspense. The only [...]


This movie is funny at times but unbelievably raunchy. There seems to be nothing this group of bridesmaids won't say. If they think it, they will say it. And that means a lot of comments about sex and body parts. One of the funny scenes in the movie involves our lead character, Annie (Kristen [...]


Eddie Murphy missed the boat. What could have been a legitimately funny movie about Norbit and his way-overweight spouse, Rasputia, ended up as a profanity-laden film which included cheating by both spouses. At one point in the movie, Deion Hughes (Cuba Gooding Jr.) is sharing vows with his [...]