actor: Tommy Lee Jones

Man of the House

February 25, 2005
Man of the House could be subtitled, Dumb and Dumber Cheerleaders Meet Walker, Texas Ranger. It’s made up of a band of stereotypes from the take-no-prisoners Texas Ranger (Jones), who neglects his daughter because of his devotion to catching bad guys, to an African-American con-man (Cedric the [...]

Men in Black II

July 3, 2002

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

Although some of the encounters are more violent than others, most of the violence is almost slapstick as alien heads grow back after being splattered by futuristic weapons, or bisected bodies rejoin. Remarkably, the foul language, which made the original largely unacceptable, has been greatly [...]

Space Cowboys

August 4, 2000
To me it’s not their combined ages that’s the big deal, but their combined talent. They are pros and fun to watch as they good-naturedly spoof old age and themselves. Alas, I cannot recommend the film for family viewing due to misuse of God’s name on seven different occasions. Also [...]

Rules Of Engagement

April 7, 2000
Extremely well made and thought provoking, “Rules of Engagement” examines both military and media behavior under the stress of combat. The film also reveals how politicians control military actions and how many in places of political power are willing to sacrifice a devoted man for the sake of [...]