actor: Vincent Cassel

Black Swan

The story is basically about Nina (Natalie Portman), a character who desires perfection in her dream to be the ultimate ballerina. She desires it so much that this innocent woman is willing to work at exploring her sexuality and being seduced by her darker side, hence the title "Black Swan". As she [...]

Derailed – Filtered

March 21, 2006
"Derailed" was an entertaining and well-made film. It was captivating and very interesting. However, it did contain material that restricts it from being approved by Dove. For example, the two main characters were having an affair throughout the film and many fights resulted in death or bloody body [...]


Just as the film Fatal Attraction scared men everywhere into fidelity in the 90's, Derailed just might make you think twice before cheating on your spouse. Through a twist of fate, Charles meets a beautiful and intriguing woman, Lucinda, on the train. Both are professionals traveling to the city. [...]