actor: Wood Harris

Next Day Air

May 8, 2009
When I first read about this film, it sounded as if a few of the content areas might not be so bad. That is not the case with this film. Only one category out of the six content listings below was under a four in the rating, and that was the "other" category. Even though it is a comedy, I found [...]

Remember the Titans

September 29, 2000

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

Well hurray for Hollywood! At last - here’s a story about overcoming bigotry told without profanity, exploitive sex or excessive violence. What’s more, it’s downright entertaining. Movie-goers have become jaded by the ever-present coarsities including rude language, gestures and gross bodily [...]


“Sex, drugs and rock and roll” was the anthem of those rebelling against society’s conventions during the late '60s. While attempting to reform our country’s social mores, the hippies and yippies were embracing anything that rebelled against the status quo. They were in rebellion, not [...]