Harriet Challenges Us to Seek the Will of God, and to Act

By Jacob Sahms The theological depth of Harriet provides open ground for exploration and discussion as the audience tracks the journey of Harriet Tubman, originally Minty Ross, from slavery in Dorchester, Maryland, to becoming a freer of slaves. While the opening scenes show us the unjust delivery of the law in cases where the plantations […]

Inspirational Film of The Year!

And the Winner Is! We were thrilled to be part of the 50th Anniversary of the GMA Dove Awards last week. We have a close relationship with this great organization; so close we’re often confused as twins. Dove celebrates the success of faith-oriented films in 2019, and we’re thrilled to honor Breakthrough as the winner of […]

Brian Presley Quarterbacks The Great Alaskan Race to the Finish

By Jacob Sahms Brian Presley once directed game-winning drives for the Jenks High School on the way to a state championship in Oklahoma but more recently, he lead a filmmaking crew in sub-zero temperatures to finish a seven-year project. North of Durango, Colorado, five thousand feet above sea level, Presley wrapped all-night shoots in the […]

Rita Wilson: A Dove Conversation

Suzy Sammons, Exec Editor Rita Wilson was born to be in Hollywood. Actually she was born in Hollywood. She has brought star power to theater, cinema and television, she’s a published journalist and now a popular singer-songwriter. It’s easy to find headlines about her and Tom Hank’s admirable marriage and family life. One of my […]

Veggietales’ Phil Vischer is Back with Creativity & Faith to Share

By Jacob Sahms The story of Phil Vischer and Veggietales is a comeback story. In the late 1980s, Vischer and his friend Mike Nawrocki founded Big Idea Productions, aimed at using the Bible to teach children. By 1993, they had released the direct-to-DVD episode of Veggietales, “Where is God When I’m S-Scared?” Following over the […]

Vindication Director Sets Out to Explore Faith Without Crossing the Line

By Jacob Sahms The road to Vindication started with single episode in 2015. Four years later, first-time director Jarod O’Flaherty has a ten-episode detective serial on Amazon that tells the story of individuals who are wrongly accused, who find themselves vindicated by the end of each episode. While Christian film can often fit a certain […]

Unstoppable Bethany Hamilton is More Than You Think

        By Jacob Sahms Bethany Hamilton refuses to be defined by the left arm that a tiger shark stole from her at age thirteen. Now twenty-nine, the married mother of two has more than enough purpose to thrive, and she’s using a new documentary by director Aaron Lieber to share her story […]

Pastor Jason Noble Sees More Than One Miracle in Breakthrough

By Jacob Sahms When John Smith fell through the ice of a St. Louis lake, Smith’s body shut down and doctors could not find a pulse. His mother Joyce refused to stop praying and begged doctors to keep working to revive him. Then John came back.  This is the story told in Twentieth Century Fox’s […]

Dallas Jenkins Explains The Chosen in His Own Words

The very first movie I made, in 2000, was Hometown Legend, a high school football story before those movies were cool! I’ve made ten movies over twenty years, and I’m pretty sure that all of the projects I’ve ever made have been Dove-approved! In 2017, The Resurrection of Gavin Stone was Dove-approved but not box […]