Fatima Screenwriter Urges Us to See and Believe

By Jacob Sahms As a seventh grader at Our Lady of Fatima High School in Warren, Rhode Island, Barbara Nicolosi heard the stories about Sister Maria Lúcia of Jesus and of the Immaculate Heart, the Portuguese Catholic nun who, along with her cousins, Francisco and Jacinta Marto, shared stories of seeing visions of Mary in […]

Kasim Hafeez Fights Anti-Semitism in Never Again?

By Jacob Sahms Kasim Hafeez grew up in England as a fan of the Chelsea Blues, but his young adulthood included a radicalized hate of Israel after years of exposure to beliefs that condemned Western thought and Semitic beliefs and peoples. Alan Dershowitz’s book sent him on a journey through Israel in 2007 where he […]

Hosea Film Sets Out to Show Gomer’s Story

By Jacob Sahms In Oklahoma at the turn of the century, elementary school students Cate and Henry fall into friendship and then love, as Henry’s parents divorce and move away. Soon after, Cate falls prey to a pedophile, whose degradation of her body unleashes a cycle of abuse, mental illness, and drug abuse into Cate’s […]

Erik Scott Smith Shares How Everyday Miracles Changed His Life

By Jacob Sahms Erik Scott Smith has played a dead body on CSI, appeared in Cold Mountain, and made music for years, but his role in the film Everyday Miracles changed his life. As Cotton, a faith healer whose beautiful gift has been abused by those people he should have been able to trust, Smith […]

Kel Thompson’s Terrible Adventure is a Family Affair

By Jacob Sahms Kel Thompson bought his first camera as an eight-year-old, initiating a desire to find the right angle and look for multimedia. Now, his first feature-length film The Terrible Adventure arrives via the Dances with Films Film Festival, years after he bought the camera or dreamed about appearing in films and television. But […]

Called Higher Studios Wants to Build a Community, Not Just a Company

By Jacob Sahms In 2019, Jason Brown approached Ash Greyson with a proposal for a new film studio that would produce films with a new way of looking at crowdsourcing. As of April, Called Higher Studios has raised over a million dollars in capital thanks to the nearly four thousand investors who have connected with […]

First15 Founder Shows God’s Grace Through Weakness

By Jacob Sahms In 2015, Craig Denison recognized a desire to invite people daily into the presence of God, believing that if people would spend the first fifteen minutes of every day focusing on their relationship with God, that their day would look different. After praying and writing about his calling to build an opportunity […]

2 Hearts Director Wants Love to Be the Right Kind of Contagion

By Jacob Sahms Lance Hool knows that releasing a film in the middle of a pandemic has its challenges. While the filming of 2 Hearts finished last June, Hool has been working hard to stay up to speed with theaters reopening and opportunities to share the story two parallel stories of finding true love. In […]

Greyhound Director Tackles War, Faith, Race & Service

By Jacob Sahms C.S. Forester’s 1955 novel The Good Shepherd received a cinematic treatment as legendary actor Tom Hanks tackled screenwriting for a fourth time. The resulting story, now called Greyhound after the destroyer U.S.S. Keeling’s callsign, shows how Commander Ernest Krause (played by Hanks) led a convoy of Allied ships against a wolfpack of […]

Emanuel Star’s New Book Calls Us to Love Our Neighbor

By Jacob Sahms Chris Singleton grew up in Charleston, South Carolina, dreaming of playing baseball professionally and creating a family like his mother had. But on June 17, 2015, Dylann Roof walked into the midweek Bible study of Mother Emanuel AME church and murdered his mother and eight other churchgoers. As Singleton prepared to enter […]