‘War Room’ Actor T.C. Stallings Says Timing of New Faith-Based Film ‘A Question of Faith’ a ‘God Thing’

  By LEAH MARIEANN KLETT Actor T.C. Stallings is prolific in the faith-based film industry, from “Courageous” to his break-out performance as Tony Jordan in the 2015 hit film, “War Room.” Now, he’s appearing alongside Richard T. Jones, Kim Fields, and CCM artist Jaci Velasquez in “A Question of Faith,” hitting theaters September 29. From […]

The Cultivation Theory

We don’t do a lot of television reviews at Yet. But we’re watching closely and studying the Cultivation Theory Cultivation theory examines the long-term effects of television. “The primary proposition of cultivation theory states that the more time people spend ‘living’ in the television world, the more likely they are to believe social reality […]

Finding Our Disruptive God in The Movies

What Does Disruption Look like For Us? It is so tricky deciding what movies to watch! Where are the boundary lines amidst the gray areas? Who defines words like family, love, grace, faith? What is great entertainment? I watched a Q Talk recently by Mark Deymaz, and while his message was primarily about segregation, I zeroed […]

We Are Turning The Tables

Suzy Sammons

  Dear Friends, I’m delighted to meet you here, and I’m thrilled to accept the Dove Foundation CEO position to help lead this great organization into the next season. We’re going to have lots of fun! I have been affiliated with the Dove Foundation for many years, always believing in the potential of the mission. […]

The Dove Foundation Website: Past, Present and Future

The Dove Foundation has been riding the train of cutting edge technology ever since our first hi-tech equipment purchase in 1991…a Fax machine! Hard to believe that sending a Fax was the most streamlined method of communication next to the landline phone.  In those early days, our staff faxed weekly lists of the latest Dove-approved […]

Where are Family Values in today’s society?

Advertisers are constantly searching for new, persuasive words that make their products or services more appealing to the consumer.  Sometimes these words have substance, and other times they are merely sales tools used to enhance the corporate brand or product line, without regard for their meaning. The word “values” has become a common term for […]

Which Movie is Right for You?

The American lexicon is ever-evolving. In the old days, Webster added a few new words each year based on some term or expression that became popularized by a song lyric or slang. Today, new words and phrases are popping up daily, mostly due to technology and social media. Three compound words that The Dove Foundation […]