Christmas Chronicles Part 2 Stars Share Christmas with the World

By Jacob Sahms In the first Christmas Chronicles film on Netflix, the inquisitive “true believer” Kate (Darby Camp) accidentally sabotages the Christmas Eve efforts of Santa (Kurt Russell). Together, they survive Christmas Eve night, forming a magical connection that the bad guy, cursed elf Belsnickel (Julian Dennison) uses to have his revenge on all of […]

Jingle Jangle Director Wants to Bring Healing to the World This Christmas

By Jacob Sahms Before he was the screenwriter and director of First Sunday, Baggage Claim, and Almost Christmas, David E. Talbert was a playwright. In fact, Talbert remembers the review he received nearly thirty years ago word-for-word, as he was favorably compared to his idol Neil Simon (Come Blow Your Horn, The Odd Couple). Making […]

Kevin Sizemore Tackles Woodlawn, The Dark, Zombies, & More

By Jacob Sahms Standing on Legion Field at the University of Alabama, Kevin Sizemore was tossing a football back and forth with Nic Bishop and Caleb Castille in between takes. Suddenly, a shadow appeared on the wall behind them, distinctly impacted by the brim of Coach Bear Bryant’s houndstooth fedora. Sizemore froze, caught in the […]

Steve Skipper Shows the Color of Character

By Jacob Sahms “It’s like a dream.” That’s how Steve Skipper sees the film that is coming to theaters about his life, Colors of Character: An Artist’s Journey to Redemption, on November 11 and then available for churches on the Faith Content Network through December. An untrained artist, Skipper went from drug-addicted gang member to […]

Baker Brings Love to Holiday Baking Championship

By Jacob Sahms The seventh season of the Food Network’s Holiday Baking Championship premieres Monday, November 2nd at 9 p.m. Twelve bakers from across the United States will compete for the $25,000 prize and the title of Holiday Baking Champion for 2020. This year, Lashonda Sanford, of Scratch Bakery in Newport News, VA, is putting […]

Fatima Screenwriter Urges Us to See and Believe

By Jacob Sahms As a seventh grader at Our Lady of Fatima High School in Warren, Rhode Island, Barbara Nicolosi heard the stories about Sister Maria Lúcia of Jesus and of the Immaculate Heart, the Portuguese Catholic nun who, along with her cousins, Francisco and Jacinta Marto, shared stories of seeing visions of Mary in […]

Kasim Hafeez Fights Anti-Semitism in Never Again?

By Jacob Sahms Kasim Hafeez grew up in England as a fan of the Chelsea Blues, but his young adulthood included a radicalized hate of Israel after years of exposure to beliefs that condemned Western thought and Semitic beliefs and peoples. Alan Dershowitz’s book sent him on a journey through Israel in 2007 where he […]

Hosea Film Sets Out to Show Gomer’s Story

By Jacob Sahms In Oklahoma at the turn of the century, elementary school students Cate and Henry fall into friendship and then love, as Henry’s parents divorce and move away. Soon after, Cate falls prey to a pedophile, whose degradation of her body unleashes a cycle of abuse, mental illness, and drug abuse into Cate’s […]

Erik Scott Smith Shares How Everyday Miracles Changed His Life

By Jacob Sahms Erik Scott Smith has played a dead body on CSI, appeared in Cold Mountain, and made music for years, but his role in the film Everyday Miracles changed his life. As Cotton, a faith healer whose beautiful gift has been abused by those people he should have been able to trust, Smith […]