Andy Erwin on I Still Believe: Sharing Stories Brings Comfort

By Jacob Sahms The Nashville-based Erwin Brothers directed the fictional features October Baby and Moms’ Night Out before delivering back-to-back biopics Woodlawn and I Can Only Imagine. With I Can Only Imagine, they’d recognized a pattern of real-life faith that they decided to revisit from their Kingdom Story Company in the Jeremy Camp-inspired film I […]

A Question of Faith Producer Shares How Forgiveness Transforms

By Jacob Sahms Dove caught up with Producer Angela White to ask some questions about her film A Question of Faith, which made its Lifetime debut on Easter weekend. White explained that faith has been a big part of her life, as God continually shows up even when she least expects it. “I have learned over […]

Jake Hamilton Shares the Untold Story of the Jump Shot

By Jacob Sahms In Houston, Texas, Jacob Hamilton played every sport he could. But his athletic career rolled to a close in high school, just as his film career found its foundation. In high school, he’d always found himself more moved by movies than his friends, and a multimedia class introduced him to editing. Editing […]

Dove Interview: Unquestioned Answers

Jeff Myers, the author of Unquestioned Answers, sits down with Giving Company CEO David Henriksen to discuss his new book and the power in confronting the 10 most common faith-based answers that often go unquestioned. Read the Dove review of Unquestioned Answers here.

J.E.S.U.S.A. Director Issues a Call Back to the Gospel

By Jacob Sahms Early on, filmmaker Kevin Miller thought he’d make feature films, screenwriting stories in Hollywood. Since 2003 though, most of his films have been documentaries exploring religious views- Christian Zionism, Intelligent Design, Separatists, etc. – he’s even made films with Ben Stein (Expelled) and Kirk Cameron (Monumental). But all of this is with […]

Behind The Scenes of the I Still Believe Premiere

By Peyton Garland Recently, my husband and I went to Giving Company’s special screening of I Still Believe, the beautiful love story of Christian singer Jeremy Camp and his faith-driven, fearless first wife, Melissa. Melissa and Jeremy’s love story starts off the same way that every other young college couple’s love story should. They are all […]

Jeremy Camp Still Believes Suffering Helps Him See Eternity

By Jacob Sahms How do you respond in the midst of unspeakable tragedy and raging uncertainty? A certified Gold singer, Jeremy Camp, believes his story can provide some peace and point people to Jesus. This week, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the story of singer Camp and his first wife, who was diagnosed […]

Ordinary Love Directors Point to Humor and Courage in the Face of Tragedy

By Jacob Sahms In Ordinary Love, Academy Award nominees Liam Neeson and Lesley Manville play Tom and Joan, a couple in their sixties who discover that Joan has cancer even as they wrestle with their grief over losing a daughter. Irish directors Lisa Barros D’Sa and Glenn Leyburn worked to tell the couples’ story of […]

The Cave: How Do You Save Lives While Fighting For Yours?

By Jacob Sahms Opening with a quiet morning in Ghouta, the scene quickly changes as missiles connect, hitting the ground and buildings. The stillness in Damascus is replaced with a sense of dread, of debris, of smoke, and of death. This is the reality for Syrians in the midst of a civil war that threatens […]