Filmmaker Conversations

Brian Presley Quarterbacks The Great Alaskan Race to the Finish

By Jacob Sahms Brian Presley once directed game-winning drives for the Jenks High School on the way to a state championship in Oklahoma but more recently, he lead a filmmaking crew in sub-zero temperatures to finish a seven-year project. North of Durango, Colorado, five thousand feet above sea level, Presley wrapped all-night shoots in the […]

A Cinematic Prequel to Pilgrim’s Progress Goes Big

By Jacob Sahms How did The Evangelist of The Pilgrim’s Progress become the wise, old sage to Christian? That’s the question that high school media teacher and filmmaker Matt Bilen found himself asking as he explored John Bunyan’s 1678 allegory with his two sons. Eight years later, the answer unfolds in Heavenquest, Bilen’s live-action fantasy […]

9/11 Finds Its Silver Lining in A Come From Away Story

by Peyton Garland I didn’t want to wear my Army jumpsuit with the 82ndAirborne patch on it, not on a Friday when the other kids were wearing shorts and t-shirts, not just because Momma said it had special meaning now. The parachute material swished when I walked, and the head-to-toe forest green look wasn’t made […]

Chasing the Cure’s Ann Curry Wants to Help Us Help Each Other

By Jacob Sahms Catching up with Ann Curry is no easy task. But one morning last week, fresh off a red-eye flight from filming the last episode of Chasing the Cure, Curry shared her thoughts on her new program that is crossing media platforms and blending crowdsourcing with experienced medical experts. With all of the […]

From Marvel’s Thanos to Methodist Deacon, Mike Friedrich Sees Theology in Pop Culture

By Jacob Sahms A few weeks ago, Mike Friedrich stood in front of a small group gathered for a retreat. As an ordained deacon in the United Methodist Church, Friedrich’s leadership in the five-day retreat on “Ordinary People with Extraordinary People” was unsurprising. But what all of the participants didn’t know was, that at one […]

Guy Nattiv Shines a Light on Hate While Pointing Toward Forgiveness

By Jacob Sahms “You were once wild here. Don’t let them tame you.” ― Isadora Duncan Academy Award-winning director and screenwriter Guy Nattiv received the framed Isadora Duncan quote when he departed Israel to relocate to Los Angeles. It serves as a reminder that he’s always wanted to use his gifts to capture people’s attention […]

The Heartbreak Kid Spills on Salvation & Stardom

By Jacob Sahms Shawn “The Heartbreak Kid” Michaels hasn’t traded in his tights completely yet, but the star of wrestling’s WWF/WWE began acting in 2017 and stars in the upcoming 90 Feet From Home. As the abusive and alcoholic father of a former Major League Baseball player (Adam Hampton), Michaels serves up a role that […]