Art of Racing in the Rain Author Challenges Us With Choices

By Jacob Sahms Seattle-based writer Garth Stein wrote a story about a dog who learns life lessons on the race car track in 2008, that went on to be the New York Times Bestseller The Art of Racing in the Rain. Ten years later, that story is the basis for Simon Curtis’ (Woman in Gold, […]

Guy Nattiv Shines a Light on Hate While Pointing Toward Forgiveness

By Jacob Sahms “You were once wild here. Don’t let them tame you.” ― Isadora Duncan Academy Award-winning director and screenwriter Guy Nattiv received the framed Isadora Duncan quote when he departed Israel to relocate to Los Angeles. It serves as a reminder that he’s always wanted to use his gifts to capture people’s attention […]

The Heartbreak Kid Spills on Salvation & Stardom

By Jacob Sahms Shawn “The Heartbreak Kid” Michaels hasn’t traded in his tights completely yet, but the star of wrestling’s WWF/WWE began acting in 2017 and stars in the upcoming 90 Feet From Home. As the abusive and alcoholic father of a former Major League Baseball player (Adam Hampton), Michaels serves up a role that […]

Charleston 9 Survivor Serves as Witness to the Light

By Jacob Sahms Murderer Dylann Roof told Polly Shepherd that he allowed her to live so that she could bear witness to the story of how he killed nine churchgoers during a Bible study in Charleston, South Carolina, on June 17, 2015. What the white supremacist did not realize that day was that the story […]

UglyDolls Director Kelly Asbury Wants Us to Help Kids Be Themselves

        By Jacob Sahms Before David Horvath and Sun-min Kim were husband and wife, their impending separation due to a student visa caused the creation of Uglydoll, the early twenty-first century line of plush stuffed animals. “Ugly” in their vernacular meant special or unique, the opposite of what the word means to […]

Sight & Sound Exec Sees God’s Mercy Through Noah

By Jacob Sahms While Sight & Sound Theatres have been sharing Biblically-inspired musical stories for years, not all of their shows are created equally. Noah stands alone as their flagship show, the one which changed the arc of their efforts in 1995, and led them to this place: Noah is the third Sight & Sound […]