Filmmaker Conversations

Waiting for Anya Director Delivers Message of Hope

By Jacob Sahms British director Ben Cookson remembers watching Ken Loach’s Kes and being struck by the way that the director had made a recognizable England as the backdrop for his coming-of-age story. In telling Michael Morpurgo’s coming-of-age story set in World War II era Lescun, France, Cookson set out to be as faithful as possible to […]

David Gyasi Dives Deep on Faith, Film, & Football

By Jacob Sahms On an overcast night in the Czech Republic’s capital, David Gyasi catches a late hotel dinner, overlooking a stone Prague bridge. While commuters flash across the bridge in different shaped cars, and a boat passes by underneath, the various stories of these individuals fascinate the native of London. It’s the sheer possibilities […]

Greta Gerwig Delivers Little Women

By Jacob Sahms Greta Gerwig garnered attention for over a decade as an actress, but with the coming of age film Lady Bird, she earned two Academy Award nominations (Best Director, Best Screenplay), in her directorial debut. Now, on Christmas Eve, Gerwig stands to garner more attention with the eighth cinematic adaptation of Louise May […]

The Two Popes’ Director Seeks the Divine

By Jacob Sahms As a child, Fernando Meirelles watched the parodies that his father had crafted as a teenager on a projector set up in the family’s home. On screen, his uncles and his mother became characters in his father’s short films, and he yearned to make films of his own. Gifted a Super 8 […]

You Will Leave a Legacy

By Peyton Garland The truth is inescapable: we all leave a legacy. We don’t need to be a renowned president like George Washington or an athletic icon like Rocky Balboa to impact the people around us. According to Webster, a “legacy” is “anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor.” So, […]

Brian Presley Quarterbacks The Great Alaskan Race to the Finish

By Jacob Sahms Brian Presley once directed game-winning drives for the Jenks High School on the way to a state championship in Oklahoma but more recently, he lead a filmmaking crew in sub-zero temperatures to finish a seven-year project. North of Durango, Colorado, five thousand feet above sea level, Presley wrapped all-night shoots in the […]

A Cinematic Prequel to Pilgrim’s Progress Goes Big

By Jacob Sahms How did The Evangelist of The Pilgrim’s Progress become the wise, old sage to Christian? That’s the question that high school media teacher and filmmaker Matt Bilen found himself asking as he explored John Bunyan’s 1678 allegory with his two sons. Eight years later, the answer unfolds in Heavenquest, Bilen’s live-action fantasy […]