Rejecting Harveywood

By: Suzy Sammons Harveywood is now a thing, but it isn’t new. It’s as big and old as the global drug trade. Forever we can use the name as a reference for something so ingrained and evil, but grotesquely protected by the very people who were charged with protecting the victims. And still we hear […]

The Power of Our Words

This week, the media drove our conversation about a new film toward the negativity rather than the goodness. Recognizing the sensitive nature of the content, Dove also hopes we can elevate the story of the redemptive power of God’s scandalous love. And let that power unite us. For a quarter of a century, the Dove […]

Your CT Summer Survival Guide

We also love the point of view from Kenneth Morefield as printed in Christianity Today. Though the film doesn’t earn a Family Approved Seal, there’s lots to talk about with families. Spider-Man: Homecoming skews younger than most of the MCU movies set on Earth, and while Peter Parker’s adolescent wisecracks felt a little out of […]

Sony’s “Clean Version” Is Making People Mad!

This is why I love the conversation about our films and entertainment. As Sony launches “Clean Version” releases of a few films, the passionate social argument ignites. Zealots on both sides of the Sensitivity Chasm claim to be either offended, exalted or absolutely right. But truthfully, I find it merely interesting. In our world of […]

6 Rules for Slaying the Electronics Monster in Your Elementary-Aged Kids

My 7-year-old son would live on electronic devices if I let him. Not only are devices a normal part of his education, every morning, noon, and night, he’s asking, “Mom, can I play the tablet?…or watch a movie?” Sometimes, it’s as if a Device Monster lives in my house. Don’t get me wrong, my son’s […]