Filmmaker Conversations

The Work of Good Sam’s Dete Meserve Spreads Like Miracles Do

By Jacob Sahms Dete Meserve of Wind Dancer Films has had a hand in television (Saint George) and film (What Women Want, The Keeping Room), but the first novel in her series about intrepid journalist Kate Bradley has just been released as a feature-length film by Netflix. The story is part-mystery, part-romance, but it’s a […]

UglyDolls Director Kelly Asbury Wants Us to Help Kids Be Themselves

        By Jacob Sahms Before David Horvath and Sun-min Kim were husband and wife, their impending separation due to a student visa caused the creation of Uglydoll, the early twenty-first century line of plush stuffed animals. “Ugly” in their vernacular meant special or unique, the opposite of what the word means to […]

Sight & Sound Exec Sees God’s Mercy Through Noah

By Jacob Sahms While Sight & Sound Theatres have been sharing Biblically-inspired musical stories for years, not all of their shows are created equally. Noah stands alone as their flagship show, the one which changed the arc of their efforts in 1995, and led them to this place: Noah is the third Sight & Sound […]

What does “Dove Approved” mean, anyway?

For two decades the Dove seal of approval has been helping families quickly determine if a movie is right for their family. People tell us that evaluating their choices has become increasingly difficult and complex in today’s world, and the difficulties are for some really good reasons. Reasons that indicate our growth and our grace, […]

Shameless: A Powerful Short Film by Cooper Anderson

Cooper Anderson, director of the short film Shameless took a minute with to share his passion for filmmaking and the message behind his impactful short film. Why you are interested in film and what does filmmaking mean to you? Cooper Anderson: To me, filmmaking is not only a passion, but also a calling. There’s […]

Kirk Cameron Connects With Dove

by Edwin L. Carpenter The Dove Foundation recently spoke with Kirk Cameron about his new film, Connect, airing for two additional nights on March 20 and 24. Enjoy the Dove conversation! Dove: Hello Kirk, it’s early in the morning for you. You must be tired and sleepy. Kirk: I have six kids. I’m sleepy all […]

Is Faith Gaining Ground In American Music? Interview With ‘Rock Gets Religion’ Author Mark Joseph

By CHRISTIAN TOTO What do Alice Cooper, Chance the Rapper and Katy Perry have in common — besides selling millions of records? Author Mark Joseph points to their faith and how it washes over their musical contributions. Joseph’s new book, “Rock Gets Religion: The Battle for the Soul of the Devil’s Music,” connects the disparate talents […]