Filmmaker Conversations

Secrets We Keep Director Wrestles with the Past

By Jacob Sahms Yuval Adler is putting his PhD from Columbia University in Philosophy to good use. In his latest film The Secrets We Keep, the director launches the audience into the world of a young, married woman named Maja (Noomi Rapace) who believes she catches sight of a former Nazi oppressor in her neighborhood […]

Sight & Sound Theatres’ Queen Esther Live is For Such a Time as This

By Jacob Sahms Katie Miller, Corporate Communications Manager for Sight & Sound Theatres, has seen the Sight & Sound brand grow over the years to include Lancaster, PA, and Branson, MO. As the oldest grandchild of the Theatre founders, Miller represents the third generation of the family to continue the legacy of sharing Biblically-inspired theater, […]

Switched Executive Producer Shares How God Opens Doors

By Jacob Sahms Nicole Weider, who executive produced and plays Skyler Stone in the film Switched, remembers her journey to Los Angeles to pursue acting. The lessons she learned along the way have shaped who she is, as a woman of faith and a filmmaker, to the point where she’s thrilled to share those lessons […]

Christ in You’s Andrea di Meglio Shares Stories of Prophecy

By Jacob Sahms Switzerland’s Andrea di Meglio didn’t set out to be a filmmaker; he didn’t even set out to be a Christian pastor. But his irregular story of experiencing God’s extraordinary and powerful grace has led him to this place: he’s about to help deliver the second in a series of documentaries called Christ […]

Bryce Dallas Howard Shares about a Father’s Day Doc She Made with Her Dad

By Jacob Sahms A newly minted degree from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts academically enforces Bryce Dallas Howard’s life-long pursuit of film education. Her resume, which includes Shakespearean stage performances, M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village and The Lady in the Water, the Jurassic Park reboots, and directing an episode of The Mandalorian, […]

Think Like a Dog Director: It’s All About Love & Family

By Jacob Sahms On a weeklong kayaking trip, complete with daylong paddling and evenings sleeping by the river, Gil Junger found himself sweating through one hundred degree days. One night, he found himself working on his Mac, the script of a film about a boy and his dog flowing through his fingertips, in the middle […]

From Space Jam to Scoob! Director Tony Cervone Delivers Heart

By Jacob Sahms As a kid growing up outside of Chicago, Tony Cervone idolized the stars of his city’s teams, like the Bears of ‘85 or the Bulls of ‘91-93. He never imagined that he’d be sitting next to His Airness, Michael Jordan, one day, but as the director of animation for Jordan’s feature film Space […]

The Quarry Director Tackles Good, Evil, & Forgiveness

By Jacob Sahms Having grown up in the Methodist church in Georgia, screenwriter and director Scott Teems knows that religion is just baked into your upbringing, that everyone has experienced it in one form or another. While he’s known for writing horror-based stories for Blumhouse Films and has been tapped to write the screenplay for […]