director: Andrew Niccol

The Host (2013)

This is a fascinating story and it is just too bad that the content in the violence and sex categories are so much as to prevent us from awarding our Dove Seal to it as a family-friendly film. Saoirse Ronan stars as Melanie, a young woman that is taken over by an alien presence and her body is its [...]

In Time

I don't know why I did, but I entered the theater with not much anticipation that this movie would be any good. Life sometimes offers a pleasant surprise, and I was surprised by its originality, story, and just how much it manages to make one think about time, or to think again about things which [...]

Lord of War

January 17, 2006
Lord of War is an action packed movie showing the horrors of wars and the lives of those who support or supply them. Told in the form of a Docu-drama, this film is a semi-realistic tale of a man who reaches the top of his game as a gun runner. According to the film, these events were based on [...]

Lord of War – Filtered

January 17, 2006
"Lord of War" was an interesting movie and I would imagine it is pretty realistic as it is the story of a modern-day arms dealer. This was yet another great performance by Nicholas Cage who played the part of Yuri Orlov. There were several violent scenes such as a guy getting shot for absolutely no [...]

Simone – Edited

December 9, 2004

Dove Approved for All Ages

I have never seen a movie like this one before. It practically has an all-star cast, but the whole point of the movie is getting rid of real actors who are picky and snobby and difficult, and creating a computerized actress who doesn't require any of the extras. I was really impressed with the [...]