director: Baltasar Kormákur


June 1, 2018
The fact this movie is based on a true story is mind-boggling. A woman is forced to survive for over 40 days on a boat following Hurricane Raymond in 1983. And she must treat her injured boyfriend to boot. She deals with a "caught sheet" (a sail wrapped around the rudder), harpoons fish underwater [...]

2 Guns

August 2, 2013
"2 Guns" is an action packed movie about two undercover government agents who are unwittingly duped into robbing a bank. However, the score is much larger than originally believed and they suddenly realize that they've been had. The rest of the film takes the audience on a thrill ride of a chase [...]


January 13, 2012
The story is intriguing as Mark Wahlberg plays Chris Farraday who abandoned his life of crime years ago but who re-enters the world of the underground in order to get his brother-in-law out of a serious jam. This fast-paced thriller showcases a cat-and-mouse chase and the tide switching back and [...]