director: Baz Luhrmann

The Great Gatsby (2013)

This movie is made in the spirit of the grand old epics such as "Gone with the Wind". From the sweeping views of New York City, grand viewpoints from the homes of the rich, to the opulence and finery of the wealthy, this film is big with a capital B. It is well acted with the likes of Leonardo [...]


Wow, does this movie have something for everyone! It has cattle rustling, murder, romance, adventure, war scenes and even a little comedy all wrapped into one movie. It was a different time in Australia (World War 11) compared to how the world looks at that country now. When Lady Sarah Ashley [...]

Moulin Rouge

THE GOOD:...This is a colorful, visually astounding production that could have been a very cool movie if it would have incorporated a script that allowed the characters to actually dialogue with each other. Usually I applaud efforts to bring musicals back to the big screen in a modern way because [...]