director: Bennett Miller


I wish we could give "Moneyball" our Dove Seal. If not for language we could. It is an intelligent and funny movie and Brad Pitt, if you will excuse the expression, hits it out of the park in his role as Billy Beane, the former promising baseball prospect who never quite achieved his potential but [...]


March 21, 2006
The movie, "Capote" chronicles the four years that Truman Capote took to research and write the book that made him famous, "In Cold Blood." He befriended Perry Edward Smith, one of two convicted murderers of a family of four in a farm house in rural Kansas. He did this so he could gain Smith's [...]

Capote – Filtered

March 21, 2006

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

"Capote" is a true-life story of a writer/author who writes the book "Cold Blood". He goes face to face with the murderers and finds out everything that happened the night of a Kansas farm house murder. Truman Capote was a homosexual and implied that he had a relationship with another man. But [...]