director: Brad Anderson

The Call

Considering the above synopsis is from the producers, its brevity is revealing. The film has as much substance as the text used to describe it. When a 911 call center operator fails to save a victim, she leaves her duties and becomes a 911 call center trainer. When the same man is involved in [...]

The Machinist – Filtered

June 7, 2005
"The Machinist" is a strange movie about a man who is an insomniac and has been for a full year. His weight plunges and throughout the movie his appearance slowly declines as well. He is involved in an on-the-job accident where a co-worker loses an arm, all because Reznick’s mind is preoccupied. [...]

Happy Accidents – Filtered

This was a good movie it keeps your attention and interest It has a good story line. Can get confusing at parts. There were a few sexual type scenes and a lot of smoking and drinking throughout the movie. It was an interesting movie but there were just a lot of things that made it not [...]

Happy Accidents

December 17, 2002
The good: This is one of the most unique and charming love stories I’ve seen in a long time. The witty and humorous dialogue is fresh, realistic and captures the angst and dilemmas singles go through in finding the love of their lives. Tomei and D’Onofrio are brilliant, giving us Oscar worthy [...]

Happy Accidents – Edited

December 17, 2002
This is a quirky film and I love Marisa Tomei. She is so great as a hopeless romantic and has some good on-screen chemistry with Vincent D'Onofrio. This is a good romantic comedy, but the pre-marital sex that is "taken for granted" for couples dating now a days is the let down for me in this film. [...]