director: Courtney Solomon


August 30, 2013
This movie could rightly be called "Grand Theft Auto" but the filmmakers must have spent all of their money wrecking vehicles leaving nothing left for the license fee for the brand. Other brands that were prevalent were Apple products as well as the Ford Shelby Cobra Mustang. With non-stop car [...]

American Haunting, An

May 5, 2006
The generic title “An American Haunting” is symbolic of the overall unoriginality of this film, which lasts from beginning to end. The film’s opening premise, that this particular American haunting is somehow different from all the others, turns out to be quite false as far as occult themes [...]

Dungeons and Dragons

December 8, 2000
What can one say about the movie, “Dungeons and Dragons” that won't be construed as a reflection on the role-playing game that was the inspiration for this film? The game has destroyed many lives and families because of its residual effects on overzealous youngsters who lose site of reality in [...]